Video streaming app (Netflix Clone)


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Watch on demand all the time

On-demand video streaming services have redefined the experience of personalized visual entertainment. A video streaming app is undoubtedly a powerful commodity in the market that has captured the attention of people everywhere like nothing before.

We can help you create a dynamic, functional video streaming app, that is compatible for both Android and iOS platforms and is fully tested.

Features of on-demand video streaming app

The inherent features are essential to providing a seamless and pleasant experience for a user. There a few standard features but they can also be customized to suit your specific business needs.

Subscription/ signup models

Video streaming apps can have different signup models based on how you wish to monetize it.

User profile

Members are able to create their own profile with their personal information and details of activity.

Like & Share the video on social networks

Sharing options helps to boost the communication and share videos and watchlists on social media.

Create private or public watchlists

To enable users to create a watchlist and catalog their favourites to watch later.

In-app video streaming

An in-app video player for users to click on and begin streaming content seamlessly.

Video Download

Enables users to download and save movies/videos to their mobile device for offline viewing.

Payment gateways

Subscription models require efficient and convenient payment gateways for users.

Notifications and alerts

Alerts about new content, updates, subscription payments and others via SMS, email etc.

Features of Admin panel

The admin panel features offer full and complete control over the app’s user payments, content and other revenue options.

Manage user subscriptions

Keep track of number of users and their timely subscriptions and payments.


Admin is able to oversee all app functionality, business processes and member behavior.

Handle video content and genres

Complete control over video genres, categories and content that is available on the app.

Handle ads

Manage and handle placement of ads and revenues models to boost subscription and users.

Monitor analytics

Analyse business performance, subscriptions, ads, ratings and other aspects of the app’s functions.