taxi booking app (Uber app clone)


Custom Software Development

Create your own taxi booking app

Services like Uber and Ola have revolutionized public transportation and created a simple and convenient travel process.

Taxi booking services are highly popular due the convenience, fair pricing allotment and advanced features of route tracking, online payments and other user-friendly services.

iMuons helps you create a fully customized taxi-booking app that comprises of proper passenger features, driver features and admin features, all under your own unique brand.

Essential features of Taxi booking app

A successful taxi booking app typically will comprise of 3 main facets- the passenger app, the driver app and the admin dashboard. iMuons can help you create a great taxi booking app with all the vital features integrated.

Passenger app features

Trip booking and scheduling

Through this the passenger or passengers are able to book an immediate trip with pickup and drop location along with pricing. They can also schedule a trip for a later date or even cancel a ride.

Route tracking

The live display of the route taken while on the ride is fully accessible in real time with complete accurate locations.

Trip history

Passengers are given vital trip history like route, pricing, driver name and details, vehicle number and model, cancelled trips and even extra charges if any.

Security options

Security features like SOS calling and location sharing are also incorporated into the passenger’s app features to avoid any mishaps and accidents.

Payment options

Several options of payment as per convenience are allotted mainly online payment via card or netbanking, UPI payments or actual cash.

Reviews and rating

Passengers can also input their rankings and reviews of the trip and of their driver for future references.

Driver app features

Available rides

To help a driver see the list of potential customer rides available within their current area.

Ride accepting/cancelling

A driver can accept a ride after the trip booking has been done. A driver is also able to reject a ride request based on ride specifications.

GPS location tracking

GPS facility to help a driver find the best possible route to navigate through the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Trip history

An account of all the trips accepted and completed with a time period of a day, week or month based on working.

Passenger Review

A driver also has the facility to rate their passengers on a rating scale and/or write a review for future reference.


A payment option for a driver to accept payment via cash or personal app wallet for secure transactions.

Admin features

Dashboard control

A systematic user-friendly dashboard for admin to manage all business operations like drivers, rides and payment processes.

Driver info and reports

Proper report of all appointed drivers and their reports of rides completed or canceled and performance within a period of time.

Trip tracking

Live tracking of trips in progress for supervision and security purposes.

Payment feature

Managing the commissions and payments of all the registered drivers under admin jurisdiction.