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Achieving Constant Growth

Productivity and progress in a business can only be achieved when there is a dependable and efficient system in place to streamline and organize all business functions. This ensures that all potential business opportunities are identified and performance is optimized. With the right management softwares, planning and execution of all processes are automatically more efficient.

Our Softwares

iMuons utilizes the best and most efficient software to ensure seamless working,
better customer interactions and relations and perfect overall business productivity.

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CRM- Customer relations management

CRM is a complete data-based software system that works towards organizing and maintaining systematic customer relations, keeping track of sales, contracts and marketing information.

ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is a business optimization platform that manages core functions like HR, accounting, services and sales and merges them on a comprehensible platform. It is also customizable based on specific needs.

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GCP- Google Cloud Platform

The GCP software manages, stores and computes business data and is also useful for application development and integration. It additionally manages services like machine learning engines for higher functionalities.

LMS- Lead Management software

LMS is a highly efficient software that is perfect for boosting business productivity by accurately tracking, managing and following up on potential business opportunities. This ensures that all inquiries are addressed and optimized.

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Cloud servers

Built on cloud computing, cloud servers are virtual servers that are vital resources for management and storage of data and files. They also offer great security and stability in events of software problems and are generally free from all the issues that would plague a normal physical server like overloads and hardware failures. All in all, cloud servers are infinitely beneficial mediums for successful software operations.

iMuons uses the best and the latest cloud server systems to ensure secure, systematic management of data and smooth running of all software applications and capabilities throughout the diversified range of services.